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Why We Question American Humane’s Collaboration with Puppy Spot

This relationship might lead new puppy buyers into thinking their new very expensive puppy is not coming from a puppy mill. The nonprofit animal welfare organization American Humane is in something they call a “collaboration,” with the massive online puppy selling broker website Puppy Spot. Puppy Spot boasts a “No Puppy Mill Promise” on their website that could mislead new puppy buyers that the breeders they use are not puppy mills. Puppy Spot also posts about their “collaboration” with American Humane one of the nation’s oldest animal protection organizations.

Puppy For Sale

Did You Meet The Mother Dog?

The question is, Did You Meet the Mother dog? We live in a world where anything can be rationalized. While I was out running this week, I saw a man walking a puppy. I knew right away the dog was most likely from a puppy mill. It was so cute but… There is a complete disconnect from loving the puppy and caring about the conditions in which it was born.