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About Us

Who we are and what we do.

Dedicated to Ending Puppy Mills

Stop Online Puppy Mills NFP is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization dedicated to ending puppy mills through educating consumers. Stop Online Puppy Mills believes that exposure and education will stop the demand and redirect consumers and families to adopt from breed rescues, shelters or purchase from responsible breeders.

The internet is a 24-7 unmonitored marketplace and online puppy sales are skyrocketing. There are an estimated 10,000 puppy mills in the US producing an estimated 2.4 million puppies a year. Over 1.2 million of those puppies are sold online. The breeding dogs living in these licensed and unlicensed facilities most likely are deprived of proper medical, physical and emotional care. The dogs live a life in conditions that most people would consider inhumane.

It is hard for consumers to associate the adorable puppy being sold online through breeders, broker websites, social media pages or online classified ads with puppy mills. Since the general public is overwhelmingly against puppy mills, we believe once consumers learn about puppy mills, they will make an effort to buy from responsible breeders or adopt from a rescue or shelter. Educating consumers and spreading awareness is critical to putting an end to this industry. Our campaigns provide information so consumers can do their homework and be informed about puppy mills.

Our campaigns are designed to educate consumers and expose puppy mills while consumers are searching for puppies online, at the point of sale and more. Our years of experience in first hand rescue, mill research and marketing give us a strong foundation to fulfill this objective.

Our Campaigns

Our campaigns target the general population as well as focus on young adults and consumers that are searching for puppies online or at the point of sale. Our extensive social media and educational campaigns, reach thousands of consumers daily. Our digital search advertising aims to interrupt buyers searching for puppies.


1 Tells 2

The 1 Tells 2 campaign is designed to encourages people to share with two friends a fact about puppy mills. If everyone did this in around 31 days the entire population would know about puppy mills.


Did You Know?

The Did You Know? campaign is all about puppy mill facts. This campaign is designed to help educate about the realities puppy mill breeding dogs endure 24/7/365. It’s hard for people to imagine. This campaign exposes the truths of puppy mill cruelty.

Student Ambassador

Become an Ambassador and make a difference for puppy mill dogs. If you are active on social media, join our growing team of ambassadors. Join, Follow Us, Share and Earn Swag. The dogs need your voice. Help make a difference for puppy mill dogs today.

Make the Connection

Most people do not think their breeder is a puppy mill. The Make the Connection campaign focuses on the fact that every puppy has a mother and father. The parent dogs are often overlooked. If you can’t meet the mother…don’t buy the puppy.