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USDA breeders are commercial dog breeders

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They sell puppies to pet stores and online

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The Amish and puppy mills


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Who We Are 

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Education, awareness and advocacy with only one mission…to end puppy mills.  Puppy mills are legal. Dogs are considered livestock by the USDA.

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Buying A Puppy?

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If you don’t see for yourself where your new puppy was born, you will never know. If you can’t meet the mother dog and see where she lives, don’t buy the puppy.  

Online Sellers

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Hiding behind beautiful websites are thousands of puppy mills waiting to take your money. Responsible breeders don’t ship their puppies to anyone who sends a deposit.

What you need to know.

Most people do not know the facts about puppy mills.

The Amish and puppy mills.

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Most Amish communities have puppy mills, where dogs are just another crop. 

What is a dog auction?

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A mostly unknown horror, the auctioning of dogs still exists in the United States.

What are USDA breeders?

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Where the dogs are concerned, being a USDA licensed breeder means nothing.

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