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How can you help stop puppy mill cruelty? Don’t shop. Adopt!

Do your research before getting your new family member. Part of your research should be to consider adopting a dog from your local shelter or rescue organization.  There are millions of homeless animals looking for someone to give them a loving home. Over 25% of shelter animals are purebreds and shelters and rescues are full of adorable mixed breed dogs commonly known today as “designer dogs.” There are also breed specific rescues for every breed. Visit to find shelters and rescues in your area.

Shelters and rescues are full of all kinds of dogs from large to small, active to couch potatoes. They have puppies, young dogs, middle-aged dogs and senior dogs. They have short-haired and long-haired dogs and the best part, they have dogs of all temperaments. A shelter or rescue will know all about their dogs and can assist you in finding a dog that fits your family perfectly.

Many shelter and rescue dogs are already potty trained and some have even received obedience training while in the care of the rescue or shelter. A puppy will require you to teach them everything.

Have your heart set on a specific breed? Virtually every breed of dog has a breed specific rescue. Most breed rescues use a foster care system to house their dogs. A foster parent learns everything there is to know about that dog before they are available for adoption. There will be few surprises for you if you chose to adopt from breed rescue.

You will be saving a life. Over one million dogs each year are euthanized in the United States due to a lack of available homes. Most of these dogs are wonderful companions that sadly didn’t find a new home in time.

You will have a friend for life. Adopted dogs are grateful dogs. There is a myth that these dogs are damaged. In fact, most dogs end up in a shelter or rescue because their family’s life changed. From moving to losing a job, the family must make a hard decision and the dog suddenly finds its self in a shelter. Adopted dogs are great dogs….they are just waiting for their next forever home.

So before you buy a puppy, take a moment and consider adoption. The benefits are enormous.