USDA Illinois Dog Breeders 2016

  USDA Illinois Dog Breeders 2016 In Illinois, high concentrations of commercial puppy farms documented in many regions of the state with the highest concentrations found in the well known Amish and Mennonite communities of Douglas and Moultrie counties. This map shows the locations of USDA licensed commercial dog breeders in Illinois as of Jan…

USDA Amish Dog Breeder

USDA Indiana Dog Breeders 2016

  USDA Indiana Dog Breeders In Indiana, there is a prevalence of Amish and Mennonites living in the northeastern, Shipshewana area, as well as the southwestern corner of the state. Mid-state regions, like Montgomery and Wayne counties, also have Amish and Mennonite communities. High concentrations of commercial puppy farms as well as large guinea pig…

Lone Star Dog Ranch — What Happens at a Dog Auction

Dog auctions are a side of puppy mills most people do not know even exist. But they are another example of the inhumane way dogs are treated… they are not companions, but just another number to be sold to the highest bidder to make yet more puppies. Lone Star Dog Ranch recently attended an auction and shared this emotional recounting of the day. (There is controversy in the anti puppy mill community about buying dogs at auctions, does it help or hurt the effort in the long run? We are not offering an opinion either way, but want to share this story to illustrate the horror that puppy mill dogs live.)