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Online puppy brokers. What you see and what you don’t see.

BUYER BEWARE! There are hundreds of websites selling puppies online. In fact, selling puppies online is the new way puppy mills do business. Online puppy mills have many ways they sell their puppies. Some have websites created and managed by the breeders themselves. Others use classified ad media such as eBay, Craigslist, or local publications. Many online puppy mills use social media accounts and groups to sell their puppies. There are also mega-websites selling thousands of puppies in one place that act as “clearing houses” for puppy mills. We call these websites online puppy brokers.

Online puppy broker websites provide anyone who opens an account with a ready-made platform and marketplace to sell dogs. They are considered brokers because they facilitate sales through their websites. It’s simple – the “breeder” opens an account, often for a fee, uploads their photos and contact information and they are in business. They use the slick templates to sell dogs and make them look legitimate. Online puppy brokers’ websites allow breeders from all over the country to create accounts and sell puppies. Sites such as Puppy Find, Next Day Pets, Oodle, Terrific Pets, Puppy Trader, Dogs Now, Animaroo, Lancaster Puppies, Puppy Spot, Crockett Doodles, The Labrador Site, Preferable Pups, Puppy Finder, Greenfield Puppies and many more are good examples of what we call online puppy brokers. Some have puppy concierges through which the buyer calls in and they arrange the sale; don’t be fooled, these “concierges” are nothing more than commissioned salespeople working hard to close a deal and reach their monthly sales quota. All of these sites say they hate puppy mills and don’t support them or make no puppy mill promises you should not believe. They have ways to get around all of those statements.  Online puppy broker websites also make certain that when searching for puppies online the internet search engines find their sites quickly. Social media platforms also have many pages of online puppy mill sellers selling puppies such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

The online puppy brokers websites provide beautiful web pages that can dupe consumers into thinking they are buying from a reputable breeder. The puppies are selected, purchased and transported to the consumer without the consumer ever meeting the puppy, the puppy’s parents and without meeting the breeder or seeing the facility where the puppy was born. Simply put, they make it easy for anyone to sell puppies online. These websites provide a vast ready-made marketplace linking buyers looking for puppies with thousands of puppy sellers. The websites make it easy for any breeder to sell puppies. The sites are fancy and can mislead consumers. It is hard for consumers to identify the truth from the fiction online. The benefits for selling puppies online are numerous. These online sites are good for breeders and brokers but bad for breeding dogs, puppies and consumers. Our advice is to never buy a dog off of these websites and always visit the facility and meet the mother dog and puppy before you buy.

Ironically, these websites all have disclaimer pages that warn buyers about internet scams and puppy mills. But, they bank on the buyer falling in love with the puppy in the photo and ultimately purchasing the puppy. Most breeders that sell puppies sight unseen over the internet are substandard breeders. Many are commercial breeders licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. To identify the qualities of a reputable breeder, visit and go to the Breed Club and Rescue Links page.
See for yourself where your puppy was born or you will never know. Buying a puppy online is truly a case of BUYER BEWARE!