Every time we hear a story of a rescued mill dog, it just makes us fight harder. What the dogs go through in the mills is heartbreaking and inhumane. Please share Pam M’s story of her mill dog rescue. What her dog went through and still deals with today is story of rescue and healing. Love goes a long way but it can’t erase all the trauma puppy mills dogs suffer. And until every dog lover understands the truth and says no more, puppy mills will continue to destroy the hearts and souls of thousands of dogs every year.

Pam 1Ally’s Story
I am seeing alot of puppy mill storyies and I would love to share mine. This beautiful, shy, scared, amazing girl is Ally. She came to live with us over two years ago. Ally entered our home, scared and so unsure of everything, she didn’t move nor make a sound I knew then she would be here forever. It took Ally along time to trust us, to not cower when we approached, to learn we weren’t going to hit her or harm her.

Our vet indicated that she had quit a few litters of puppies and due to health issues, she needed to be spayed right away. The vet estimated her to be around 6 yrs old and had lived a very rough life. See Ally is crippled in her back legs due to being kept, all her life in a crate that was too small. Yes, too small for her to move around but yet she was forced to give multiple births in that crate also. I can’t even imagine, it brings tears to my eyes. All her suffering and pain for what? So some monster could profit from her pain? Ally also suffered a trauma to the top of her head. Her left eye doesn’t sit properly in its socket and you can’t pet her on top of her head without her cowering. She also must have tried so hard to get out of her prison cell, her front teeth are almost gone. Some bone is even showing, caused by chewing at something hard that she could only reach with her front teeth, her cage maybe?

Pam 2The past 2 years she has known nothing but love and a gentle hand. She still has her memories of the fear and hurt and sometimes she still will act like someone migh hurt her. It breaks my heart. She sleeps almost all the time because that’s all she was able to do the first 6 years of her life. So if anyone is thinking of buying that cute puppy online or at a pet store, please think of Ally. The first 6 yrs of her life were taken from her and now she lives with the emotional and physical scars. She will have the best we can give her and she will never suffer again. She makes me smile when I see her outside in the sun or trying to play with the other dogs, yes trying to play. See our little boy Billy had to show her how dogs play as she didn’t have any idea what playing was. I pray one day that there will be no more Allys out there. But that’s up to us, that’s where we draw the line. Enough of the suffering of these innocent babies. Bless you all. Love Ally and her forever family