The one question we get over and over is…. how can I help? If you look at the huge puppy mill industry and how many dogs are suffering, it might seem like one person can’t make a difference. But you can. We have created 10 Action Steps you can take that when combined with us all… will make a big difference. So here you go… this is how you can help end puppy mills.

1) Never EVER buy a puppy online or from a pet store. Why? Read more

2) Adopt your next dog from a rescue or shelter. Why? Read more

3) Educate all your friends and family so they never buy a puppy mill puppy. Show them how to find a reputable breeder (it’s on the Don’t Buy The Lie page of our website) and why rescue is a great option. Get Educated. Read more

4) Keep the issue in the forefront by sharing stories on social media about puppy mills and mill dogs. When your friends and family know an issue is important to you, they’ll pay more attention. Social media is very powerful.

5) Get involved with your local and state legislation. Write letters and attend meetings on this issue. You would be shocked at how little many government officials know about puppy mills. They need to be educated too.

6) Know your local and state laws regarding breeding kennels and pet stores. There are an estimated 10,000 puppy mills in the United States and only around 2,000 of them are USDA licensed. That means there are horrible mills all over the country where the dogs have not even the required minimal care. Those mills maybe be in your town or county. And they may be violating local laws. You can end them by bringing them to the forefront.

7) Join a local group fighting puppy mills in your area. Or start one if one does not exist. We can help. Send us an email and we can get you started.

8) Learn all the facts at so you can have factual conversations anytime the subject of puppies comes up. Have you browsed the pages of our website? There are many facts available to you on our site that you can use to educate your circle of influence. Read more

9) Never support pet stores that sell puppies. And by never…. that means no purchases at all. No treats, no toys, no food…. nothing. Spend your money with stores that do it the right way. PetSmart and PetCo have both proven that you can be profitable and work with rescues.

10) Donate to organizations that are 100% dedicated to ending puppy mill cruelty like Stop Online Puppy Mills. We use our donations to help educate the public and are hoping to have a package for groups to use soon. Your donation would be greatly appreciated. And is tax deductible too. There is a donation button on our home page. Donate here

It has been our experience that when people really know the facts about puppy mills, they are on board. So if you do your part and share these 10 Action Steps… we can make a difference.