Meet The Stop Online Puppy Mills Dog Family

One of the important steps in helping to end the demand of puppy mill dogs is choosing to adopt instead of shop. So many times people think they can’t find the exact dog they want unless they buy a puppy. And it’s not really true. We’re Janie and Diane of Stop Online Puppy Mills. It was dog rescue that brought us together, meeting through our rescues that we’ve both been involved in for many years. Although we both have a love of smoochie faced dogs, you really can find what ever dog you want through breed rescue and through your local shelter or dog rescue groups.

Daphne’s Story

Why do we fight every day for the dogs? Because for every Daphne that makes it out of a mill and into rescue, there are thousands of dogs who just die. Die from untreated illness, die because they’ve lost their will to live…. or die at the hands of their mill keeper. Daphne’s story shows…

A Story Of Rescue and Healing

Every time we hear a story of a rescued mill dog, it just makes us fight harder. What the dogs go through in puppy mills is heartbreaking and inhumane. Please share Pam M’s story of her mill dog rescue. What her dog went through and still deals with today is story of rescue and healing. Love goes a long way but it can’t erase all the trauma puppy mills dogs suffer. And until every dog lover understands the truth and says no more, puppy mills will continue to destroy the hearts and souls of thousands of dogs every year.