Imagine our disgust and complete disbelief when we saw this in USAToday today. With over 10,000 puppy mills in the US and an epidemic of puppies being sold online by these millers…. Go Daddy thinks this is funny.

Their Super Bowl commercial is mind blowing. Who ever thought this was a good idea needs to be educated in what is behind those selling puppies online.

Please take a minute and let Go Daddy know that they are trivializing and actually promoting buying a puppy online…. most which come from horrible conditions at puppy mills. Share this on your Facebook page and Twitter feed. We have to stand up for the dogs… because this is not funny.

Email Go Daddy CEO Blake Irving at

Twitter handle is @Blakei

Here is the link to the commercial. You will be shocked!

Tell him that his commercial trivializes the suffering that millions of dogs go through in puppy mills. And that no reputable breeder would ever sell a puppy online…. only puppy mills sell that way. Your ad directly supports and promotes puppy mills and animal cruelty.

It is apparent in the Go Daddy press release that Danica Patrick is unaware of puppy mill cruelty. She is quoted in the article saying  “I’m pretty sure this little Go Daddy puppy is going to steal the show,” If you would like to contact Danica her Twitter contact info is @danicapatrick 

Lastly, the ad agency that created this cruelty promoting ad may also be unaware of puppy mills and the cruelty that is associated with selling puppies online. Their contact info is @bartonfgraf9000 and

Thank you for speaking up for the breeding dogs imprisoned in puppy mills.