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Puppy mill breeding dogs have no voice. They live a lonely life, breeding litter after litter with no care or love. But you can be their voice.

It’s a simple solution. If you tell two people about the horrors of puppy mills and why they should not buy a dog from a pet store or online… and ask them to tell two people… we could reach everyone in the entire United States within a month. It’s the power of two!

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 What to tell people…

  1. There are over 2 million puppies born in puppy mills every year. Over 1.3 million dogs are euthanized in shelters every year. There are just too many dogs for the available homes.
  2. Puppy mill breeding dogs are treated cruelly. The mothers are force bred at every heat cycle, year after year until they can breed no more. The dogs imprisoned in these facilities receive little to no vet care, live in filth and suffer from multiple untreated medical conditions. When they no longer produce profitable litters, they are disposed of.
  3. Breeders licensed by the USDA are only required to provide minimal care standards for the dogs, unlicensed breeders have essentially no regulations to follow. Whether USDA licensed or unlicensed, the conditions dogs living and breeding in puppy mills are subject to is basic survival. Dogs are nothing more than livestock and their health and well being is second to making a profit.
  4. Buying a dog from a pet store, or through the internet keeps puppy mills in business. If you are thinking about adding a dog to your family, you can find any type of dog you’re looking for through a shelter or breed rescue. From puppies to pure bred dogs of all kinds… there are thousands just waiting for someone to open their home and heart to them. If you want to buy a puppy, do your homework, find a responsible breeder.
    Puppy mills are not a priority for most state governments or the USDA. Their powerful lobby makes sure of that. It is a billion dollar business that buys access to state governments and has very little over site.
    The only way to change it… is to be the change.