There are hundreds of questionable online puppy mill websites that puppies for sale. It is important to meet the mother dog, see her condition and how she and all of the breeders dogs are treated before you buy a puppy. In person. Never have a puppy shipped to you or meet a breeder in a parking lot. Don’t support puppy mills.

We the Puppies Video

We The Puppies Campaign

We The Puppies, Stop Online Puppy Mills latest campaign to educate people about the dangers and cruelty supported when buying puppies sight unseen over the internet. No breed is immune. The video warns against websites that list thousands of puppies for sale online direct shipping puppies. Buying puppies online is becoming normalized, families purchasing puppies online likely don’t know they could be supporting puppy mill cruelty.

French Bulldog Rescued from Puppy Mill

Lucky Puppies

At dog auctions, dogs, are sold “as is where is.” Attending an auction clearly defines the priorities of this industry and demonstrates how cruelty can be legal. Eleven “lucky puppies” French Bulldogs and a Pug, were recently rescued from a dog auction in Missouri. These lucky puppies were part of an all bulldog auction where 110 bulldogs were being sold “as is” to the highest bidder. These dogs usually never see the sun or touch grass and do not know what it is like to be loved or have a warm touch from a human.