There are hundreds of questionable online puppy mill websites that puppies for sale. It is important to meet the mother dog, see her condition and how she and all of the breeders dogs are treated before you buy a puppy. In person. Never have a puppy shipped to you or meet a breeder in a parking lot. Don’t support puppy mills.

Chihuahua-puppies Dog Breeder

Fighting for the Dogs

Dog Auctions and USDA Dog Breeders The recent article in the Washington Post (WP) titled Dog Fight, written by Kim Kavin who is seemingly a commercial dog breeding proponent, should instead use the caption “Dog rescues, flush with donations, buy sick and abused dogs from the USDA breeders they scorn.” There are two sides to every…

French Bulldog Rescued from Puppy Mill

Lucky Puppies

Most people have heard the words “puppy mill” but, most do not understand what those two words really mean. If asked most people would tell you their dog was not born in a puppy mill. Most likely, they would tell you they purchased their dog from a pet store or internet site that sells dogs…