Mistelle Stop Online Puppy Mills Ambassador


I’m an Ambassador because No life deserves to be one of slavery and inhumanity. Don’t help fund animal servitude and mistreatment – instead save the life that will save your heart and rescue from your local humane society.

Mary Stop Online Puppy Mills Ambassador


Happy to be part of a group that will help educate people about puppy mills. Our rescue Tipper was bred in a puppy mill and sold in pet store. She was unhealthy with genetic issues due to poor breeding practices; however, with years of good medical care and love, she is healthy and a huge…

Samantha Stop Online Puppy Mills Ambassador


We adopted a mill momma who was from an Amish puppy mill. She suffered so much. I love being a Stop Online Puppy Mills Ambassador, telling her story is so important and will help end the cruel industry.

Lauren Stop Online Puppy Mills Ambassador


Being a life long dog lover, I am vehemently opposed to the perpetuation of puppy mills. After learning about the horrifying conditions that the dog are subjected to, it is inexcusable to allow this to continue, especially in the great state of Indiana. Through education, and word of mouth, I believe my generation can be…