Hi my name is Lilly.

I’m a Havanese which means my ancestors came from Cuba, but they tell me I came from a puppy mill in Ohio.  Instead of living on a Caribbean island, I was kept for years in a tiny cage the size of a rabbit hutch having litters of puppies every time I came into heat.  No beaches or cafes for me….I didn’t feel so good then because I have some digestive problems that no one there bothered to figure out or treat.  I ate whatever cheap food all the dogs in the puppy mill were given.  I was underweight and malnourished because very little was getting absorbed by my body and I had diarrhea all the time. I also have something called a cataract in my right eye that makes things on that side look gray and foggy.  I didn’t mind too much, because there was nothing pretty to look at in that awful place anyway. So this was my life, day in, day out for years until I was rescued in December of 2014.  It was the best Christmas present ever!

I got to go live in a foster home with a group called Rescue Me Clifford. At first, things were rough.  I was scared and didn’t know what had happened to me–I kind of missed my old cage because it was the only home I had ever known, and my tummy was still upset. But the foster family spent a lot of time with me and took me to a vet.  They gave me different kinds of food until they discovered that I can’t have any grain or beef.  I feel so much better!  My tummy problems don’t bother me anymore, as long as I get the right kind of food.
Now that I’m feeling better and am learning to live in a house and enjoy spending time with people, I’m ready for a home of my own.  I’d love to be with another dog–I get along with all kinds of dogs, but love to play with the ones who are my size.  Big dogs like my foster brother are ok, but they’re kind of rowdy.  I don’t mind cats at all.  I need someone who will be patient and consistent with me-I’m still working on this housebreaking thing.  I walk well on a leash and if you have a fenced yard, that would be fantastic–I love running in the grass–just look at my video!  I am really attached to my foster mom, so I will need someone who can work through some separation anxiety with me. I’m worth it though!  When I relax, I’m a happy friendly girl.  Give me a chance–I know you won’t be sorry! Apply for me at Rescue Me Clifford.
Lilly 1     Lilly