The Dogs Need Your Voice

Giving Tuesday 1We have been involved in anti puppy mill activism since 2008. We started to raise awareness of the close to 1,000,000 dogs that are sold online annually. We are actively involved in dog and mill rescue. We have seen puppy mill auctions first hand. We have talked to hundreds of people who have bought pet store puppies and heard their heartbreaking stories. Stories from families that have paid thousands of dollars for poorly bred puppies, many that are sick, many that die. The families are left with huge vet bills and unmeasurable heartbreak. We have watched retailers lie about where they get their puppies. Our own dogs are puppy mill mothers and rescued mill dogs. We have been on mill busts and seen the deplorable conditions dogs live in day after day, waiting for someone to help them. We have seen rescued mill dogs pancake to the floor afraid of a human hands. We have seen the terrible medical issues mill dogs live with and it made us say… no more. We are a Not for Profit tax exempt 501(c)3 organization. We have no employees so 100% of your donation will go directly to our mission.

In just over a year, over 11,000 of you have joined us. You care. You want others to understand that puppy mill parent dogs suffer every day. That buying a puppy online only perpetuates the suffering. You help share the message daily with your circle of friends. And for that, we say thank you. You are helping make a difference.

But we need to do more. Over 1,000,000 puppies are sold by mills online every year. And we know that when people understand… the reality of the cute puppy and where it was born, they make better choices. Most people would never support this cruelty if they knew the facts.

And that is where we need you again. We have had some very generous donations that have helped us reach consumers at the point of purchase. When they search online for puppies, they also get our message about not buying puppy mill puppies. We know when we run campaigns, our website traffic goes up and people are learning the truth. We get messages and emails asking for more information. The campaigns are working.

Will you help us continue the message? A donation of just $10 from each of you will help us reach thousands of potential puppy buyers with the educational Information they need to avoid mill puppies.

You can donate by clicking the donate button on our homepage at or just comment on our Facebook page or on Twitter with
#donate and the amount you can donate to the cause. For example #donate $20. You’ll then get a short form to fill out and you can donate this way whenever you wish.

The mills have big ag, the AKC and the Hunte Corporation behind them. The dogs only have us. Will you please join us and stand up to these greedy, compassionless big mill supporters? Thank you! And if you have any questions about how our campaign is working or what more you can do, send us a Facebook message or an email at