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Sign up to be a Stop Online Puppy Mills Ambassador and be a voice for the dogs. The fastest way to end puppy mills is education and awareness. When you become an Ambassador, you will not only help the dogs, but you can earn great gifts. Treats (see below) for you and your pet too!


It’s easy to become an Ambassador! First, “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram @StopPupEMills. To sign-up, just add your name and email and Wahlah. You’re on your way to helping dogs, ending puppy mills and earning treats. Be sure to fill out your profile too so we know where to send your earned Ambassador treats.  AMBASSADOR SIGN IN


Helping end puppy mills and earning Ambassador treats is easy. Use the EARN and REFERRAL links to spread the word. Get loads of points by engaging with us on social media and getting others to become Ambassadors.
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When you share and be a voice for the dogs, you’ll be rewarded with some awesome treats (see below) that show how much you care about ending puppy mills.



Did you know that over 2 million puppies are born in puppy mills every year? Over 1 million of those puppies are sold online and through social media each year, because of the internet, puppy mills are thriving. Become an Ambassador today and help change that.

By joining the Ambassador program, you’ll not only help end puppy mills… you will also earn awesome treats that show your support.

Stop Online Puppy Mills Ambassador


I’m an Ambassador because No life deserves to be one of slavery and inhumanity. Don’t help fund animal servitude and mistreatment - instead save the life that will save your heart and rescue from your local humane society.

Stop Online Puppy Mills Ambassador Mary


Happy to be part of a group that will help educate people about puppy mills. Our rescue Tipper was bred in a puppy mill and sold in pet store. She was unhealthy with genetic issues due to poor breeding practices; however, with years of good medical care and love, she is healthy and a huge part of our family. I tell everyone I know, help us eradicate puppy mills.

Sammie - Puppy Online Puppy Mills Ambassador


We adopted a mill momma who was from an Amish puppy mill. She suffered so much. I love being a Stop Online Puppy Mills Ambassador, telling her story is so important and will help end the cruel industry.

Mary - Puppy MIll Ambassador


I have known about puppy mills for a long time and am happy to be a Stop Online Puppy Mills Ambassador. Spreading awareness will help end the suffering.

Kevin - Stop Online Puppy Mills Ambassador


Once my friend told me about puppy mills and what happens to the mother dogs I was happy to help spread the word. I can't imagine my dog in one of those places.

LaurenD - Puppy Mill Ambassador


Being a life long dog lover, I am vehemently opposed to the perpetuation of puppy mills. After learning about the horrifying conditions that the dog are subjected to, it is inexcusable to allow this to continue, especially in the great state of Indiana. Through education, and word of mouth, I believe my generation can be the one to end this unnecessary cruelty.

Elizabeth - Puppy Mill Ambassador


Most people do not know what a puppy mill is so spreading the word is very important. I am proud to help raise awareness by being a Stop Online Puppy Mills Ambassador.



Spreading the word about puppy mills makes me feel good because I love dogs.

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