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Looking for an academic project? Check this out!

Your interest in puppy mills can provide opportunities to educate and advocate by introducing related issues in classroom projects. You can put your knowledge to work in research projects, debates, mock trials, writing papers, completing a thesis and just about endless possibilities.  You can educate yourselves and others and turn that time investment into class credits!

Read on for some great ideas!
Is your major POLITICAL SCIENCE,  PUBLIC POLICY OR  LAW? A project can  investigate the political process of legislation involving commercial dog breeding, lobbying, and how special interest groups can affect legislation and halt or stall the passage of bills that would improve or otherwise impact the industry.  Another issue is the emerging attempts in home rule states to encroach on  the autonomy of municipalities to enact ordinances against the raising and or selling of puppy mill puppies within their jurisdictions. You can also focus on how outspoken advocacy has been effective under the protection of the Constitutional rights of petition, free speech and peaceful protest.

Are you looking for a focus on a SOCIAL SCIENCES paper? Consider investigating   the demographics of puppy mill operators and  the psychology and cultural influences that allow rampant cruelty and indifference to the animals’ suffering. The prevalence of the allegedly “peaceful” Amish in this brutal industry could be of particular interest.

For your course in  ECONOMICS, you can investigate the  impact of puppy mills from several financial and practical angles:  An unregulated industry rife with unreported income; the hefty prices of pet store and online puppies versus buying from reputable breeders or adopting; the financial losses experienced by unwary buyers who unknowingly purchase unhealthy  puppies; the  high cost of municipal shelters or animal control that annually deal with countless  unwanted pets, many of which are sickly purebreds from puppy mills that the owners cannot afford to care for.

If you’re taking courses in WRITING, COMMUNICATIONS, JOURNALISM, VIDEOGRAPHY  or other related studies, you can produce articles, videos, posters, marketing, promotions, public service announcements and other forms of media exposing puppy mills. These projects can also be linked to community service to local non-profit rescues and shelters.

Stop Online Puppy Mills can help you to develop ideas and provide links to countless resources. There will even be opportunities for you to get your completed projects posted on our website.