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Sweet Abby’s Story

“Is she always this sweet?”  This is the question most people ask when they first meet Abby, our rescued puppy mill mama.  It is the perfect opportunity to tell them Abby’s story and to educate about Amish puppy mills or any puppy mill.  The conversation usually follows in this manner……

Me: Yes, she is…..Her name is Abby and she was rescued from an Amish puppy mill on the west side of Wisconsin.

New friend: The Amish?

Me: Yes, the Amish.  They aren’t as sweet as everybody thinks.  They see dogs as quick cash with low maintenance.  The wonderful people at the Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter in Tomah, WI were instrumental in Abby’s rescue.  One of the rescuers, Paul, shared what happened to Abby. He told us she was in a stack of cages. Abby’s cage was in a middle tier.  She  was in a small cage with 2 other dogs and covered in feces and urine.  Her name at the kennel was number 10.

New friend: Really?

Me: Yes!  There was no vet care and nutrition was terrible.  Her teeth were in such bad shape that we’ve had 11 teeth pulled so far.  Also, she had ear infections.  The one ear has healed nicely, but the other ear, we watch carefully for recurring infection. Fortunately, this has not affected her hearing because she can hear the unwrapping of a cheese stick from miles away. 🙂

I continue our conversation….during the first months we had Abby, I was changing the curtains in our kitchen.  I was taking down the curtains and removing the rod.  Abby was watching me carefully.  The minute she saw the rod emerge from the curtain, she ran to the corner of her favorite couch and began to cower and to shake.

One day, we were taking a walk.  An Amish bugy was approaching us.  The minute Abby heard the clip clop of the horse hoves, she froze and started to cower and shake.  I had to pick her up and carry her until the buggy was out of sight.

As our conversation continues, we share with our new friend, how Abby has enriched our lives.  We are over joyed, as we have observed her overcome so much!  In the beginning, she would lay in a tight fetal position. Now, she sprawls out on the bed and might belly crawl over to us for a tummy rub.

At first, we had to feed her at what she considered her “safe place” (which was one of our couches).  Now, she is so secure about meal time that she jumps around in excitement and chatters a mile a minute in “doggy” conversation. Abby’s meal bowl is now on the floor by the water dish.

There is so much more to share about Abby and her triumphs…..but, maybe her pictures will show you instead…just look at those eyes!