Linus 1 Linus 2 Linus 3 Linus

Linus was rescued by Adopt a Boxer rescue AABR in Pennsylvania.  He was 40 pounds when he was rescued.  His teeth were a mess and the collar they had chafed and dug in his neck leaving damage. He has scars on his legs where they believe the cages dug in his legs and insects would eat at the scabs.

We adopted Linus May 18, 2013.  He has a small mast cell Tumor removed right after we got him – successfully!!

No care of his ears caused chronic ear infections and this past summer he became allergic to ear drops and ended up very sick with Horner’s syndrome.

There was a huge concern about his spine and hips because of the size of the cage he was kept in and symptoms developing so he had an entire spinal series of x-rays which revealed spondylosis BUT always a large abdominal mass!!!  We had all the testing needed to be done to see what was going on and proceeded with major surgery to remove a cucumber sized tumor from his adrenal gland this past October!!! They felt it was cancerous and because it was so large they had to remove his kidney in order the tumor.  We didn’t care how much it would cost to save Linus’ life because HE needed a break!!!  Blessing was even both medical teams at South Boston Animal Hospital and Angell Memorial could not believe that the tests came back as a benign tumor!!!  We borrowed $12,000 to rescue our Linus again!!!!

We have ongoing cold laser treatment for his spine with medications and supplements to aid the pain/inflammation of spondylosis caused because of the lack of movement in those ridiculous cages!

The one thing I did not mention was his bark – HE never ever made a sound, one time he growled at someone outside of our yard NEVER barked – we thought they might have debarked him.  One night it was about the usual time for Linnus’ walk with my husband and I BUT we were tired and did not want to go out.  All of a sudden he stared straight at us with his wiggly nub and OUT came a VOICE – a bark – he sounded like a “wookie” from Star Wars.  He was nudging my husband’s knee and pawing at me – we now call a walk “a wookie”  he gets so excited for those AND believe it or not he has a HUGE back yard to run in.  He loves walking and we take him on the beaches here in South Boston (MA)   He speaks and talks – I just LOVE cuddling him – he has become quite the cuddle puppy for sure and he does puppy purrs.   We had him only 3 months when we found the MCT and a year later he had an irregular heart beat detected but we are grateful for the Cardiologist at Angell Memorial who checks him out and did a follow up – two Cardiac ultrasounds, 24 holter monitor and now just a yearly check up ($900) but the heart is great.

Linus is a love and joy!!!
Please stop and close those mills down!!!